Sunday, 19 October 2014

Simon Carter


I popped into Simon Carter the other day and I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely selection of fall fashion!

One thing I love about Simon Carter is that they bring in colour. Purple jackets, heavy trousers and vibrant accessories; don't get me started on the shoes!

All the items are easy to colour coordinate and can easily be taken from the office to dinner with your significant other. I sifted through the clothing and took some photo's of some items that would look great in your fall wardrobe.


Pony Hair gloves. Black and Red

Spot Print Shirt

Moleskin Trousers 

x - the Collector

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Shave Sexy

Shaving shouldn't be the worst part of your day, and it doesn't need to be. Welcome to the world of double edge safety razors.

Merkur MK-23001
The basic form of a razor was developed by William S. Henson in 1847, creating a covered " comb
tooth guard, or protector." First emulating a hoe, this idea was made smaller, simpler and perfect for shaving the face. By using one single blade across the skin thus reducing any irritation and discomfort.

By May 1880 Fredrick and Otto Kampfe of Brooklyn NY, had a patent on safety-razors. A similar application to that of William S. Henson's however this one had a guard to protect the skin. By 1901 a third party was introduced, by 1904 King Camp Gillette earned a spot by successfully providing troops of the first world war with double edge safety razors.

Do you suffer from razor burn, redness, ingrown hairs? Tired of that burning sensation post shave? This needs to end gentlemen. Especially if you are coloured and scar easily.

Before you begin shaving there are some things you should try. Shaving should be easy and more of a ritual than agony. Warm a towel either in the microwave, or just with hot water, apply it to your face and neck. Hold there for a few seconds. Remove and either add a pre-shave formula, or glycerin based soap. You don't need allot, just enough to cover the whiskers.
Next, apply the shave cream.

Pre shave Oils
- Crown Shaving Co.'s super slick shave formula ( made in Toronto )
- Al's shaving
- Imperial Barber pre shave oil ( smells like lavender )
- Anthony Logistics
Pre-shave Formula
- Pacific Pre-shave formula
- Truefitt & Hill Pre-shave
- Taylor of Old Bond St. Pre-shave gel
- Billy Jealousy Hot-Towel
Pre- Shave Soap
- Red Leaf
- Musgo Real

It isn't just the razor that is causing you irritation. Look at the ingredients of your shave cream.
Here is a list of amazing shave creams/soaps, designed by companies that specialize in shaving.

There are shaving creams and there are shaving soaps. Soaps are the more traditional form of shaving, and creams are the 21st. century invention to shaving. Please never use anything out of a can. The ingredients of those is catastrophic.

- Valobra
- D.R Harris
- Crown Shaving
- Baxter of California
- Proraso
- Portland General Store
- Taylor of Old Bond St.
- Taconic
- eShave
-  Truefitt and Hill
- Piccadilly Shaving Co.
- Razor MD

- Alum Block
- Anthony Logistics The Cool Fix
- Baume.Be
- California North
- Cellmen
- Layrite
Shave with a double edge safety razor. The blades are cheap, the shave is excellent, and your significant other with kiss you more often, guaranteed!

Shaving should be a ritual and something that you pass down to your children. Learning the correct technique can help with razor burn, discomfort, redness and give you an over all perfect shave. EVERY TIME!

x - the Collector

Monday, 13 October 2014

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Black Tie and Red Eyes

It is time for a rant. I've been so good lately and I finally feel like breaking that.


Watching all these Emmy's and MMVA's and all those shows is making me want to not be a stylist. Every man looks the same. I can't even handle it!

" Look at Hugh Jackmen, David Beckham, him and him,"

" The Best dressed men of the Emmy's "

Is it just me or are they all dressed the same. Granted, different designers, but the same exact idea. I am going mental. Can I just name 5 different designers that are creating EXTRAORDINARY suits and NO ONE is wearing them. Black tie is the most dull thing I have ever heard of and I am eagerly waiting for someone to allow their stylist to do what their there to do; dress them so that everyone at the ball will notice them.


This is ridiculous.

x - the * annoyed * Collector

ps - I was listening to Eminem while I was making this blog post ;) 

Friday, 26 September 2014

The Naked Truth

Nude male modeling? How do you feel about it? Personally, I'm game, but I am a straight woman and that's what I like. But, it depends on the model. Too skinny, and it's awkward to look at, too thick and it scares me. Seeing a nice, proportioned man is what I like, whether you're smaller or thicker as long as you look healthy and happy.

Nude modeling is amazing, especially when it's done with artistic directing. Taking a nude shouldn't always be for a sexual purpose. Does that make sense?

I mean there are some people who you take a photo of, directed or not, and it can look amazing. The way the lighting is hitting the body, the makeup, and the facial and body hair. And there are others who are photographed (YSL) and not a sexual thought enters my head. I see the naked person, but the whole image is captivating.

I love nude photos, and when done tastefully can leave you wondering and contemplating. Not everything needs to be sexualized in this world and I feel like the human form, especially in photography, can be placed in that light. A naked body shouldn't only be for arousal, but should also be seen as beauty.

 Nude male modeling, heck yes, and when done in a tasteful and respectful way I give it two, enthusiastic, thumbs up!

x - the *naked* Collector

Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Homerun: In Pattern

Did you ever watch one of those Goofy movies in the 90's? I was always such a huge fan and I think this outfit hints to that.

For some reason I paired these two and I did't want to separate them, they work in this weird, 60's rasta way! M wasn't shy of this outfit and neither was I, he walked through Kensington as if he was born there and everyone around him stopped and ogled.

So what if you wear nutty outfits as long as you wear it courageously and never let anyone give you a rude glare, do as you please; especially when it comes to fashion. I'm tired of Toronto wearing their same old suit and tie, and the khaki shorts and boring logo t-shirts. It's about time that y'all wake up and use your down time to up your style. Being outgoing in your style, especially on the weekends gives you the opportunity to feel relaxed, comfortable and turn heads as you walk down the street.

Fashion is fun, but style is a blast!

Model : Micha
Clothes : A Homerun 

Be Brave.

 x- the Collector