Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Homerun: In my Overalls

The next outfit I went crazy! M is upbeat and totally animated, so when I made this outfit it matched him perfectly.

I find that when you're styling someone you can't just think about what you, as the stylist likes. You have to build outfits that make sense with the person you're starring at. So many times I pick up a jacket and then have to remind myself that the person wearing this piece might not translate it the way you were expecting.

However, this outfit fits Micha to a tee.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Homerun: In that Vest

One of my favourite things to do is play dress up and when I get the opportunity to use hand picked vintage pieces, I take it!

My friend Micha was more than eager to assist with the modelling and my amazing friend Kassi was no short of a miracle during this photo shoot! I had so much fun putting things together at A Homerun in Kensington market and Jody is the most humble and incredible individual!

The first look I was inspired but the vest. Once I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to do something! The minute Micha arrived I knew that this look would be incredible on him and his quirky, kind hearted personality shone through with this ballistic ensemble. Enjoy.

Model Micha 
Clothing from A Homerun 
Assistant: Kassi Scott 
Photography by ChapmanCollects 

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Hit ON

Seriously dudes, WHAT is going on?

I haven't met a man, in a while, with serious game! I was out for drinks with the ladies and this man approached, he began the conversation with " ladies, ladies ladies!"


That is no way to hit on women! First off, he sounded as if any woman who gave him the time of day, he'd quickly offer up his phone number in exchange! Women are not rocket science (oops that's a lie, we are) but when it comes to flirting, we are fairly obvious. Here are three signs a woman is interested in you.
- Her body is turned TOWARDS you.
- Playing with her hair
- Smiling.

If she is doing non of theses, you need to pack your bags, grab your keys, you've got to go.

Flirting isn't too difficult. Talking to women can be intimidating, but so are allot of other things. Walk up to a woman with confidence and aim for ONE lady. Approach a group and choose the first that you feel is feeling your vibe. If she feels the same way, she'll let you know within seconds.

Things NOT to do when approaching women:
- Crip walk over. Approach with confidence and poise.
- Eye skin. When I say that, I mean keep your eyes on her eyes or you look like a dog.
- Try and act sexy. Lip biting, winking, that's a libido killer
- Use a pick up line. Ice breakers are simple, aks her her NAME!
- One up your friend. If he's a chemist and you're a doctor, don't shove it in her face

Try these things:
- Ask her who the designer of her ( fill in the blank ) is.
- Propose you buy the next round for her AND her friend.
- Leave her wanting more. Don't over stay your welcome.
- Keep her engaged through the rest of the evening. Make eye contact and smile, a sly wave or cute gesture, she'll be giggling like a school girl!
- Call her if you are interested, if you were never interested DON'T get her number! Follow through!

Dear Gents, If you don't plan on calling her, don't waist her ink, she can use it on a guy who is willing to get to know her. Hitting on a woman is intimidating, I fully understand, but don't make her feel like a bet or some sort of challenge. Act gentlemanly or she'll give you the hint to go.

x - the *matchmaking* Collector

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stressed, Blessed, Well Dressed.

As many of you know I admire clothing, I adore menswear, fashion and all the pretty things that come along with it. Since I moved to Toronto I have been falling endlessly in love with dressing people, adding incredible pieces to peoples wardrobe and helping to take gentlemen from geek to chic.

Okay, so maybe it's not the easiest job in the world. Men are fussy, suits aren't for everyone, and my patience is tested, but what I have learned is that no matter how difficult dressing gets, the final outcome is worth the fuss and fight.

Fall is on it's way and winter is just around the corner and I would love to help re inspire your wardrobe and bring it up to trend for the cooler season. What do you think? Care to take me up on this endeavour?

Toronto Boutiques that I work with
Proper Reserve / Get Fresh 
Cabaret Vintage
Model Citizen 


Monday, 8 September 2014

Modernism a Mod Culture

Just after the second World War, a fashion/lifestyle trend began to spread around Europe commonly known as " the Mod's. " This look consisted of mop top haircuts, long thin blazers, straight cropped pants with no crease, high socks, and either round toed shoes or a Dr. Martin boot.  Familiar to us at The Beatles, theses gentlemen were the ambassadors for this trend.

Now that we're in the 21st century the trend has returned to the runway. Gucci, Lanvin, and Dior Homme have climbed into the Mod Mobile and are taking full advantage of this timeless look.

However, this trend is not for the soft hearted. This look requires your full and undivided attention. When purchasing a jacket for such a look, purchase something with a tighter fit. Snug is best, but leave breathing room. Pin stripes are fine, or a double breasted for a chic more edgy approach. Skinny ties, A Chelsea boot or a Derby shoe are a great way to suit this iconic look.

As the weather cools, a square overcoat will do the trick. No extra buttons, or anything too fancy, remember this trend is very straight forward. Knee length is best, but if you would rather a shorter coat a hip hugger will do the trick.

Hair care, this look requires a certain appeal. Think " fringe. " Cut shorter at the sides and floppy down the front, but groomed over the eyebrows. This isn't a Justin Bieber style, this is edgy, so maybe add a point to help get the message across.

Post war, teens were itching to have their own look, something that their parents would hate but friends would love. Clunky boots, strange side burns and fitted clothes were the perfect way to avenge their rivals and mock their mothers. Mod was it; the latest and greatest along with their jazz music, swinging dance moves and need to embrace a new kind of style. The trend caught on and carried them further into what we know as the subculture of modernism. 

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Colorful Runway

I love colour, on the runway, or in street style, during fall especially. People tend to huddle under black coats and grey trousers and I soon become bored and unmoved by the lack of vibrant prints in their wardrobes.

Fall winter 2014 was an exceptional season for bringing out the colour in the drab mans closet; finally! Sometimes adding a little hint of vibrancy to ones work wear can make men a little skittish, but if you take a look at what some of these designers have done you'll soon realize that colour, especially in the winter, can make the sunshine regardless of the forecast.

Life is too short to wear one colour pallet.


Salvator Ferregamo




Dolce & Gabanna 

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