Thursday, 28 August 2014

Paul Nathaphol

COLOR COLOR COLOR, I loved this collection, partly because Paul and I became friends POST show, and I got a free scarf, but y'all know about my obsession with colour. Not only is this collection flamboyant and lovely but it was executed well. The models walked tall and strong, the clothing looked comfortable and the SHOES! Where do I begin when it comes to the footwear, Ohh, I am giddy with delight!

Okay I'll let my photo's tell the story but YEEE!!! 

Paul, the Collector and Micha

x - the Collector 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chop - Z

Chop-z Is The Perfect Name Given To This Explosive & Unique Artist Who Chops Up Lyrics & Melodies & Brings People To The Edge Of Their Seats Carrying A Message Straight From The Heart Of The People.

Born In Canada & Moving To Jamaica Shortly Thereafter, Chop-z Was Able To Get A First Hand Knowledge Of The Perilous & Poverty Stricken Conditions Of Kingston Jamaica While Having A Precise Knowledge On Canadian Environments Also. Bringing The People Into His World Which He Calls "Reg-Hop" Music, He Is Definitely Ready To Show & Tell The World About Real Life Situations Faced By The Masses. In Toronto He Is Know As One Of The Top Artist In The Hip Hop Scene & His Supreme Ability Speaks For Itself.

His Ecclectic Style Stands Out Among Others Simply Because He Puts The "Best Of Both Worlds" Into His Music. In 2011 His Single "Too Badmind" Shot Up The Hitlist Charts Of Jamaica In No Time. This Time Around You Are Sure To Hear His "CryFor The Youths" Which Is A Profound Song Penetrating The Listener No Matter Age, Gender, Or Genre.
Even Though A Rapper This 23 Year Old Has Managed To Combine Styles To Make One Sound Which Lead Him To Be Featured On Interviews With Caribbean Vibrations In Canada & Numerous Shows In New York.

Simply Put, Keep An Eye Open For This Fast Rising Star Who Leaves Fans Anticipating More Music. 

This man deserves your respect. TORONTO Stand up! 

x - the Coll8ctor 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Controversy TOM*FW

This collection was interesting to watch!

This collection was interesting to watch. I mean it looks like women's wear on a man even though it's technically menswear but whatever * rolls eyes * 

Personally, I liked some of the pieces, for myself. I couldn't use them in editorials for magazines, unless there in Vogue Homme or Essentials Homme, or some UK magazine, but cool. 

x - the Collector