Saturday, 16 August 2014

TOM*FW - David C. Wigley

Sometimes watching men's fashion makes me wonder why I got into this profession, I mean of all things. But then I am reminded of how sexy, fun, and energizing menswear can be and the light is switched back on.

This season at TOM*FW, I was blissfully connected with my passion for fashion and styling, even though there were a few eyebrow raisers, I was excited to be apart of the first season of TOM.

The first show that I saw was Worth by David C. Wigley. This was a show of raised eyebrows and quizzical expressions from most of the crowed, but my front row seat and take-away package was worth the weirdness. There are some designers that I don't understand, but you know how I feel about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, so I just watched and nodded when I saw something I liked.

David has a great eye for colour, which many menswear designers miss, I loved the jackets, but wasn't loving the bottom half of the collection. But WHATEVER, my opinion doesn't matter, the models did an excellent job showing off the collection and David did a great job at created a collection that the audience could enjoy.

photo's by Yours Truly 

x - the Collector